WOW’s Classic Clip of the Week

Suds in the Bucket by Sara Evans

“She left with him ’cause he promised her a washing machine!” says the top YouTube comment on Evans’ video.

As Sara’s story goes, she was out washing the clothes at her folks’ house, when the man of her dreams drove up in a white pickup truck, and swept her off her feet. She left a note saying “I got to go,” and ran off with him. He must’ve been something special, because she left her Mom, Dad and the whole town wondering where she went! She was gone in such a hurry she left the suds in the wash bucket.

“Suds in the Bucket” is really a song about how fast love can sweep you off your feet. It’s about growing up, leaving home, and becoming a woman. It’s a testament to how powerful love is, and how people will often give up everything to follow it.

Part of the reason why this 2003 song was such a hit was because of how people could relate to this feeling of following love without abandon. Not only that, it’s upbeat, catchy, and timeless!

Would you follow your lover to Las Vegas, clothes still on the line and suds in the bucket?

For the ultimate throwback, watch the “Suds in the Bucket” music video below.